acupuncture and pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting, life changing experience that involves an extraordinary physical and emotional transformation. Taking care of one’s well-being during this time is important for both mother and baby. Acupuncture offers women a holistic drug free approach to support their pregnancy and birthing experience.

 Acupuncture can address

Pre-birth Treatment

(also known as Cervical Ripening)

This consists of weekly treatments beginning at week 36 or 37. Treatments are tailored to each woman’s individual constitution. Pre-birth acupuncture is different to induction treatments. Pre-birth acupuncture is done to calm the sympathetic nervous and improve blood flow to the reproductive organs. In doing so it  brings one out of the Flight or Flight response and into Rest and Digest and helps regulate hormones. During pre-birth acupuncture muscle tension and alignment can be addressed encouraging optimal fetal position. Pre-birth acupuncture supports what a women's body is already doing and helps it happen more efficiently. 

 Advantages to pre-birth treatments

  •  Softening the cervix
  • Encourage optimal fetal presentation for birth
  • Increasing energy
  • Improve stamina for labor
  • Shorter labor times
  • Reduced need for medical intervention
  • Calming and centering the mind improving the birth experience

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