Going into labour naturally has many great benefits for mom and baby; however, there are certain circumstances in which inducing labour may be an option that an expecting mom is considering, with the advisement of her health care provider. Acupuncture can be a very helpful tool for a women faced with these choices. While inducing labour with acupuncture is an intervention, it offers a woman a drug-free approach that is more in line with her body’s natural hormonal initiation of labour. Although most induction treatments are done post due date, they may be considered earlier under certain medical circumstances.Whereas cervical ripening acupuncture is more passive, an induction treatment with acupuncture is done with a strong intent to encourage uterine contractions. Depending on which stage of the birth process a woman is at (she may not be in labour at all, or she may already be experiencing prodromal labour), she may start to experience cramping and uterine contractions as early as an hour after the treatment or not until 24 hours from the treatment. Some women may need more than one treatment.

 It is worth noting that, according the guidelines of our college (CTCMA), induction through acupuncture should be done no earlier than three to four days before the date when a Western medical induction would typically be scheduled. This is a view with which this practitioner strongly agrees. There are so many great reasons to allow time for mom and baby to initiate labour naturally. Unless there is a medical need, an expecting mom may be best set up for a positive birth outcome by simply waiting, supported by pre-birth acupuncture.

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Induction with acupuncture


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