Helpful Local Resources:


Women's Health:


Pelvic floor Physiotherapy

Anniken Chadwick: Registered Physiotherapist-  click here 

Registered Massage Therapist

Ashley Reid RMT- click here

Mandy Ryan RMT- click here

Beautiful Cervix Project

Learn more about you cervix and fertility click here


Pregnancy and Postpartum


Prenatal classes:

Hypnobabies-   click here

We Birth at Home-  click here

The Childbearing Society-  click here

Dancing Star Birth-  click here


Midwifery clinics

Westside midwives-  to learn more click here

Birth and Beyond-  to learn more click here

Strathcona Community Midwives- click here

Pomegranate Midwives- click here

Pacific Midwifery Practice- click here

The Midwifery Group- click here

Bloom Community Midwives- click here

On the Drive Midwives- click here

South Community Birth Program- click here



Birth Takes a Village - click here

Lolli Comar- click here

Apple Blossom Families- click here

Rheja Gilchrist- click here

Dancing Star Birth- click here

Cherish Childbirth- click here

Down to Earth Birthcare- click here


Encouraging Optimal Fetal Position

Spinning Babies- click here


Learn More About the Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing

click here


Information on Induction:

From Midwifery Today- click here

WHO Recommendations for Induction of Labour- click here

Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) Guidelines - click here


Understanding "40 at 40" To Make An Informed Decision

Why induction is offered to women over 40 years old at 40 weeks- click here

Further research - click here 

Further research - click here

Further research- click here


Research on Stretch and Sweeps To Make an Informed Decision

click here


Sick of People Asking if You've Gone into Labour

Have you had that baby yet?- click here


Registered Massage Therapist for Prenatal Massage

Ashley Reid RMT- click here

Mandy Ryan RMT- click here


Breast Feeding Support

La Leche League- click here

Brittney Kirton Lactation Consultant- click here


Pregnancy Loss Support

In Our Hearts:

  • for people in Vancouver who have experienced loss by miscarriage, termination, stillbirth, or neonatal death.

  • The monthly support group is FREE and is located at 3569 Commercial Street in Vancouver.  click here
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